Meet Principal Cayla Grossman

    Summer Creek Middle School has announced Cayla Grossman as it's fourth principal in school history. She joins the Colt family after serving as principal of Sue Crouch Intermediate School for four years. Grossman also served as a teacher and assistant principal at North Crowley High School. She has been a part of Crowley ISD since 2006.
    Grossman received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and earned a master's degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. 
    Why did you choose education as a career?
    I am passionate about helping students and families reach their potential through education. I not only enjoy helping students learn the required material, I enjoy seeing growth in them personally and socially. I think it is important to teach students to thrive in 21st century skills so they can be successful students, employees and citizens.

    Why is education important?
    Education is what determines the next steps of a students future. We want to make sure we prepare them with the skills they need academically, but also socially and personally. We have the opportunity as educators to help students grow in all of these areas and that is a great responsibility but it comes with great rewards.

    What will you enjoy about being the principal of Summer Creek Middle School?
    I am excited about the relationships that we get to build with students and parents and how we help prepare them for the future through our many programs such as AVID, STEM, athletics, band, theater, art and so many more. Students have the opportunity to excel in their areas of interest at a young age and I think that is one of the things that makes Crowley ISD and Summer Creek Middle School wonderful!

    What is your hope for your campus?
    My hope for Summer Creek is that we build and foster an environment where students feel safe and can excel in areas of their interest in addition to the required curriculum. I hope that students are prepared for high school when they leave and ultimately for their future and that school is a place they want to come because they get to explore areas of interest.

    Tell us about your family.
    I am married and we are new parents to a wonderful little girl born in May. We are so excited to be parents and are enjoying watching our sweet girl grow.