Tarrant County College: How to Apply

  • Complete These Steps to Become Enrolled in Dual Enrollment! 
    Step 1 
    Students must apply to TCC by going to the following website: www.applytexas.org. In this system, create an application for Tarrant County College.  If the system allows you to, pick Tarrant County College South Campus. It takes a minimum of four days to process the application and then students will receive an email with their student identification number as well as their TCC email. Further communication from TCC will come to this email, including how to access the TCC WebAdvisor system. Students should also place their TCC identification number into their cell phone or planner as they will need this number in the future. Students will also receive an email stating that they need to send a transcript to TCC as well as have a meningitis shot. CISD will send the official transcript to TCC and students who only take dual credit on CISD campuses do NOT have to have the meningitis shot.

    Step 2
    Once students receive their TCC identification number (best practice: put the number into your cell phone) they will need to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) prior to being allowed to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test. Students need to access their WebAdvisor at the TCC website. From the main page, there will be five oval shapes and the word 'students' below these shapes. Click students and this will expand the number of oval shapes. The last oval on the right is the Pre-Assessment video. Students should watch this 18 minute video. Once completed, students are eligible to take the TSI test.

    Step 3

    Take the TSI test. We recommend that students not attempt to take the TSI Math potion until the second semester of the junior year. CISD will host several TSI testing events or students can go to the Testing Center at any of the TCC campuses to test. In CISD, students only take the Reading and Writing portions of the exam. When going to test, please have your TCC identification number on hand as well as another form of identification (driver’s license or CISD ID). Students who pass both sections of the test should go on to step four. If a student does not pass on of the sections they will need to retest.

    Step 4

    Upon successful completion of the TSI test, students should visit with their counselor to determine what dual credit course(s) they want to take. (Students taking dual credit during the school year have to enroll into two dual credit classes.) At this meeting, students will complete the High School Enrollment Form. The counselor will also gather an official transcript and eventually turn in both documents on your behalf.

    Step 5

    Approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of class, students will need to check their WebAdvisor account and click on the “PAY NOW” oval to satisfy their financial obligation.
    Step 6
    Students taking dual credit on a CISD campus will have the opportunity to rent books for $25 per course. This step should be completed by the first day of class.