• 1. Why should a student take dual credit courses?
    Dual credit courses are low-cost opportunities to earn college credits while still in high school. With the rising cost of college students who successfully earn 24 or more hours while still in high school will be able to graduate college earlier and with less debt. Students will also be able to take their first dual credit course while having the support of living at home.
    2. How much does dual credit cost?
    Dual credit is $59 per credit hour. Most classes are 3 credits and cost $177 per course. Under current district policy students must take 2 courses per semester. This cost is subject to changes per TCC policy. Books are rented through CISD at the cost of $25 per course.
    3. Are there scholarships available?
    Yes. Scholarships are available to students who receive free and/or reduced lunch. The scholarship covers half of the tuition cost as well as the book rental fees. Students can find the Dual Credit Scholarship form under the “Forms” section. Scholarships are only for fall/spring courses. The scholarship application is due May 1st.
    4. How is dual credit different than AP courses?
    Dual credit classes are a test in program and then the student must pass the course in order to earn college credit. AP courses are open-enrollment courses and then students take a test at the conclusion of the course to determine eligibility for college credit. Dual credit classes receive 4.5 weight and AP courses receive 5.0 weight into GPA calculations.
    5. Do these credits transfer to other colleges?
    Yes. Dual credit courses transfer to all public Texas colleges/universities. They are also highly transferrable to private schools and out-of-state schools. Most major colleges/universities have transfer equivalency databases on their websites. Please be sure and do your research!
    6. How do I remain eligible for dual credit?
    To remain eligible to take spring courses students taking English 1301 must earn a passing grade during the fall term. All students must maintain a 2.0 GPA on all college coursework attempted. 
    7. Where are dual credit classes held? And is transportation provided?
    Dual credit course are held on the second floor of the Bill R. Johnson CTE Center. Students may transport themselves or take the shuttle bus provided between each class period to the CTE Center.
    8. Who teaches dual credit courses?
    Dual credit courses are taught by TCC accredited instructors who possess a Master’s degree with a minimum of 18 graduate hours in the subject being taught.
    9. How important is attendance when taking a dual credit course?
    Attendance in dual credit is critical to student success and TCC policy allows instructors to issue grade reduction for lack of attendance. It is important to note that Crowley ISD extracurricular activities are NOT excused absences for TCC courses. If a student needs to miss class they need to make arrangements with their instructor prior to the absence.