Elementary School Activities


    • Be ready to tell one playground rule.
    • Be ready to tell me the names of the children in our class which begin with J (or M, etc.).
    • Be ready to draw something that is only drawn in circles. Be ready to tell a good health habit.
    • Have a color word on the board. Have children draw something that color.
    • Flash fingers – children tell you how many fingers you flash.
    • Say numbers, days of the week, months – and have children tell what comes next. “I went to the sporting goods store and I bought…” – each child names an item. What number comes between these two numbers:  31-33, 45-47, etc.?
    • What number comes before/after 46, 52, 13, etc.?
    • Have a good word written on the board.  Children make a list of words that rhyme. Put spelling words in alphabetical order.
    • Count to 100 by 2”s, 5”s, 10”s, etc. – either oral or written.
    • Think of animals that live on a farm, in the jungle, in the water, etc. Give names of fruit, vegetables, meats, etc.
    • Hangman using the names of children in the class or colors or numbers.
    • “Simon Says”.
    • List things you can touch, things you can smell, big things, small things, etc. List the colors you are wearing.
    • Clapping games.
    • Finger plays.


    • “I Spy” – who can find something in the room that starts with M (or P, etc.)? Who can find something in the room that has the sound of a, long a, etc.?
    • Number of rows or tables – the substitute signals the number of tables with fingers and the students leave accordingly.
    • Those children who have all crayons put away may leave now, etc.
    • Count in order by 2‟s, 5‟s, etc.
    • Say the days of the week or the months of the year.
    • What day is it, what month is it, what is the date, what is the year, how many months in a year, how many days in a week, etc.?
    • “We have had a good day! Who helped it be a good day for all of us?  John, you remembered to raise your hand.  Good for you.   You may line up to leave.  Ellen showed us that she could be quiet coming into the room today. You may line up to leave, Ellen. Bob remembered his library book all by himself.  Davy walked all the way to the playground – he remembered our safety rules. Lori brought things to share with us. Tom surprised us with a perfect spelling paper – he must have practiced, etc., etc.” Some students can be grouped together for good deeds to speed things up. Teacher can finish, “You’re all learning to be very thoughtful. I'm very proud of all of you and you should be very proud of yourselves.”
    • “I Spy” – who can find something in the room that starts with M (or P, etc.)?
    • Use flashcards. A first correct answer earns the opportunity to enter the line for dismissal.
    • To review the four basic shapes, each child names an object in the room either in the shape of a triangle, circle, square, etc.
    • Say a word that begins or ends with certain consonants, blends, etc. Name an object that begins with B, C, etc.