Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are uniforms required for Two-Way Dual Language?
    No, uniforms are not required.

    Do students stay together all day?
    Yes, the students do stay together all day.

    Can a student enter in fifth or sixth grade?
    The students cannot start in fifth and sixth grade. They start in elementary unless they are transferring from a district that had the Two-Way Dual Language program as well.

    What if my student only speaks English?
    Students must be able to speak both languages.

    What language will my student's standardized test be administered in?
    Students will take the test in Spanish or their strongest language, which can be determined by the LPAC committee if the students need to take the test in English.

    Is Two-Way Dual Language the same as bilingual?
    No, Two-Way Dual Language is a model that starts in elementary. If a student didn't start in elementary or in another district's Two-Way Dual Language program, they can enter the bilingual program where they use the Gomez and Gomez model to support bilingual students.