“Bestowing unto Others” Drive


The Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club will be accepting donations for our “Bestowing unto Others” drive. We are asking for donations that may be useful to the residents of convalescent homes. (Please see below for donation ideas). All items will need to be turned into to Mrs. Berry, School Counselor at Mary Harris Intermediate.


Items for Donations to our “Bestowing unto Others” Drive
• Stationery, note cards, greeting cards, and pens.
• Firm shoes with rubber soles; enclosed slippers.
• Brushes and combs
• Facial tissues and baby wipes
• For the men: boxer shorts, V-neck T-shirts and socks
• Bathrobes (men/women)
• Books, magazines, or crossword puzzles
• Throws
• Toiletries such as soap, hand lotions, shampoo, etc.
• Socks for women
• Face/Hand towels