Student Transfer Request

  • Transfer Requests For Crowley ISD Are NOW OPEN

    All parents/guardians must have an email address to request a transfer. Only requests submitted electronically will be processed.

    Important Dates
    Parent initiated student transfers are accepted per Crowley ISD Board Policies FDA and FDB. 

    The window for Parent Initiated Transfers Requests is as follows:
    In DistrictMay 18, 2020 through June 12, 2020
    Out-of-District: Monday, May 18, 2020

    Pre-Kindergarten Guideline: Parent Initiated Transfer
    1. Qualify at home campus. HomepagePre-Kindergarten Qualification Information

    2. Once qualified by campus, an Initiated Transfer Request can be submitted.

    3. Pre-Kindergarten In District Transfer Window is May 18 through June 12.

    Please note that P
    re-Kindergarten (Only) Out of District requests will be evaluated from June 29 through July 31, 2020 based on building capacity and qualification of program. Continue to check your email for updates on your request. 

    4. All three year old students in half day Pre-K programs will be routed to their home campus the following year unless a transfer request is submitted.

    5. Head Start students participate in full day pre-kindergarten programs. These students are expected to stay at their approved Head Start campus for the two years of program eligibility. These students will be routed to their home campus for kindergarten unless a transfer request is submitted.

    If the transfer is approved, the student is expected to follow school rules, attend school regularly, maintain passing grades, uphold appropriate behavior and participate in school activities when possible.

    Parents are expected to assist their children in their academic efforts, support good behavior, ensure their children are on time and ready for school each day, and be supportive of the school’s goals and objectives. Failure to meet any of these expectations may result in a transfer being revoked.

    • District policy also states that, with proper documentation, the transfer may be revoked due to poor academic performance, low attendance, excessive tardies or misbehavior.

    • The campus will notify the parent of any concerns regarding the transfer and revocation.

    • If the permission is revoked, the student will need to enroll in their home campus the following year.

    • Annually, the district will identify school at maximum capacity and close transfers at those schools.

    Transfer Rules
    • No transportation is provided by the district, except as required by other laws.

    • Applications are accepted during open windows.

    • Students who do not enroll or choose to withdraw may lose their transfer permission.

    • Approved students will remain at the campus up to the highest grade only if the student continues to meet transfer rules and expectations. Transfer resubmission is not necessary each academic year until the student transitions to a new campus due to a grade level not being present at that campus.

    After an application is approved, a new application must be filed when a student requests to move to a different campus, return to their home zoned campus and when a student transitions from fifth - sixth grade and eighth - ninth grade if they choose to attend a campus outside of their home zone. At that time, the student will remain in their ninth grade high school feeder until graduation unless a transfer request is re-submitted.

    • Students must abide by all UIL rules. Students should check eligibility rules with the school.

    Application Protocol

    Application Process
    IN DISTRICT application is for students with an address inside the district’s boundaries: Click Here        
    OUT-OF-DISTRICT application is for students with an address outside the district’s boundaries: Click Here