• Crowley Staff Development
    Online Compliance Training and PDAS Refresher
    Compliance training will be completed online through Safe Schools. Click HERE to view log-in instructions. Please contact Giovanna Piazza if you are unable to log in.

    All mandatory compliance training needs to be completed before students return to school. Please keep in mind that the district has set aside three hours for the purpose of compliance training; you are not expected to complete this training on your own time.

    Experiencing technical issues from home? Here are some general tips:
    1. If the system timed out, refresh the screen (logging out and logging back in will have the same effect).
    2. Safe Schools requires the most recent browser and Flash Player requirements. You can download the updated version of Flash Player for free at www.Adobe.com.
    3. All of the courses are not yet available on mobile devices (iPads, iPhones). They are working on converting all courses, but at this time if you are attempting to take  the training on a mobile device and receive an error message, take the training on a desktop computer.
    4. Safe Schools has been experiencing some difficulty with courses playing properly in Google Chrome. Their technology department is working quickly to resolve this, and believe a fix is already in place. In the mean time, use IE or Mozilla Firefox.
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