• Crowley ISD Board of Trustees 

  • Mission Statement
    Crowley ISD provides our students with excellence in education so that all students achieve their full potential.

    Vision Statement
    Crowley ISD will provide all students with a world-class, high-quality education where students are inspired to succeed in the global community.

    Board Priorities
    • We value high academic achievement.
    • All students can learn through a variety of instructional methods and opportunities that meet their individual needs.
    • Learning is enhanced through social interaction in a diverse setting.
    • We value a safe and secure learning environment.
    • We value a positive workplace in which each employee is appreciated and given opportunities for professional growth.
    • We respect and value the opinions of all students, employees and community members.
    • We encourage open, effective and timely communication with district stakeholders.
    • We support effective stewardship of public resources. 
    Goal 1: Improve Student Achievement for All
    Goal 2: Provide Safe, Secure, and Nurturing Schools
    Goal 3: Support Parent and Community Partnerships
    Goal 4: Provide a Quality Workforce in a Positive Work Environment
    Goal 5: Ensure Effective and Efficient Use of Resources