Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are classes taught by college professors?

    All courses where college credit is awarded must be taught by individuals who meet certain requirements. This means that the instructor must have a Master’s degree with a minimum of 18 graduate hours in the subject being taught. Whether its an instructor sent to Crowley Collegiate Academy by Tarrant County College or an employee of Crowley ISD, the teacher will be vetted by our college partner and meet their accreditation standards.


    What will be available to help my child socially and emotionally?

    The social and emotional needs of the children are paramount. We are aware that high school-aged students are taking difficult college-level courses. We want students to have a way to express their concerns and frustrations by developing a positive and supportive environment. Crowley Collegiate Academy will have a specially-trained, full-time counselor to help students: 

      • Manage their time
      • Cope with difficult and/or unchangeable events
      • Build self-esteem and confidence
      •  Develop problem-solving and decision making skills
      •  Provide academic guidance

    In addition, all students will be in an AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) for all four years where they will learn academic skills, as well as social skills needed to successfully navigate the program.


    What extracurricular activities are available to my child?

    Because of the difficulties and demands of the program, students will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities on their home campus. However, there will be extracurricular activities internal to Crowley Collegiate Academy and likely revolve around their programs of choice (STEM and Public Service), or evolve naturally based on student interests related to the early college high school experience.


    What happens if a student leaves the program early? 

    While we certainly hope that all students decide to complete the program, we understand that goals and motivations change and exiting the program may be in the child’s best interest. The program is specifically designed to minimize the impact of transitioning back to the home campus.


    How will students be selected for the Crowley Collegiate Academy? 


    We are committed to providing outstanding opportunities for students of all backgrounds. All students are encouraged to apply.


    With a focus on college success, Early College High School programs are specifically designed by the state to support first generation college-goers, including those who may be traditionally underrepresented in college admissions and who may have difficulty affording the cost of college. At-risk students would also benefit from attending Crowley Collegiate Academy.


    It is anticipated that the student body of the Crowley Collegiate Academy will be representative of the district's demographics with students attending from both high schools.


    What would the schedule look like each semester for students in Crowley Collegiate Academy? 

    For an example of what a possible schedule might look like each school year, click here.