Crowley ISD Earns School Safety Certification

  • Crowley ISD has successfully met all criteria determined by the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University, in conjunction with the School Safety Task Force, to be awarded a school safety certificate.
    “We are one of only 150 school districts in the state to receive this certification,” CISD Director of Safety and Security Pat Panek said. “It is a true testament to everyone in Crowley ISD, because at the end of the day, our objectives are simple - safety and security for our entire school community.”
    Texas State, Texas School Safety Center  
    The school safety certification program was developed by the Texas State School Safety Center (TxSSC). The purpose of the program is to award a school safety certificate to school districts that have met criteria specified by the TxSSC. These criteria are based on the Texas Unified School Safety and Security Standards. In order for a district to receive a school safety certificate, ALL criteria must be met, including:
    • Prevention/Mitigation - steps taken to decrease the likelihood that an incident will occur or to reduce the loss of life or damage to property from any hazard or threat.
    • Preparedness - steps taken to plan, equip, organize, train, exercise, evaluate and improve capabilities. 
    • Response - steps taken to resolve an incident.
    • Recovery - steps taken to restore the learning environment and support functions.
    • Drills - intended to practice and refine a single emergency response, such as evacuating for fire or locking down from a threat.