Gateway STEM Academy Faculty

  • Kelly Brown
    Gateway STEM Program Coordinator

    Mrs. Brown enjoys working with teachers to organize and promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities through the successful integration of problem solving, project-based learning and technology. She earned her undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in chemistry, as well as a master’s degree in educational administration at Texas Christian University. Prior to entering the field of education, she worked as a microbiologist. Mrs. Brown taught physics and chemistry at the high school level, as well as 8th grade science at Summer Creek Middle School. She has been at Summer Creek since it opened in 2008.

    Outside of school, she is often found at the football field, baseball diamond, track, pool or gym watching her four children play sports. She is also a fanatic TCU supporter and loves watching her beloved Horned Frogs.

    Kyle Esco
    STEM English Teacher

    Mr. Esco is dedicated to using technology in the classroom to enhance student learning and promote 21st Century skills. He earned his undergraduate degree in education from Texas Christian University and completed his master’s degree in instructional technology at Tarleton State University. Mr. Esco has taught 7th grade writing and English. He has been at Summer Creek for five years. He enjoys watching TCU football and baseball, as well as reading historical biographies. When he is not watching Netflix with his wife, he can often be found on the golf course or driving range.

    Bryan Kelly
    STEM History Teacher

    Mr. Kelly likes his students to make connections between things in the past and current events. He enjoys doing hands-on history projects where students try to use modern day technology to solve problems of the past. He received his degree in history education from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. He has taught geography, government and economics at the high school level and currently teaches 7th grade Texas history and 8th grade American history.

    Originally from Tennessee, Mr. Kelly is a huge sports fan. He coaches football and basketball at Summer Creek Middle School. He can’t wait until his new baby can play sports - especially baseball. Mr. Kelly is also the voice of North Crowley, as he announces the football and baseball games.

    Cyrus Richie
    STEM Math Teacher

    Mr. Richie teaches math in non-traditional ways and incorporates real-life problems for students to use math to solve in his lessons. Prior to entering the field of education, Mr. Richie worked as an investigator for Child Protective Services. Mr. Richie teaches 7-8 grade math. He earned his undergraduate degree in psychology from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York and has a graduate degree in hospital administration from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth.
    He enjoys gourmet cooking for his wife and two young boys, and participating in fantasy football and baseball leagues. During the spring, he lives and breathes basketball and truly engages in March Madness.

    Brandy Roye
    STEM Science Teacher

    Mrs. Roye has a passion for learning and incorporating technology-based lab experiments in the classroom. She recently completed an internship at UT Southwestern for science teachers (STARS), which she dedicated 312 hours to research-based learning. Mrs. Roye was also part of the Texas Regional Collaborative (TRC), which she committed to over 100 hours of science-based lab training to utilize in her classroom. She earned her undergraduate degree in liberal arts with a minor in biology and is currently working on her master’s degree in differentiated instruction. Mrs. Roye teaches 7-8 grade science.

    Outside the classroom, Mrs. Roye is an avid reader, enjoys medical-based genres and running. She loves gardening with her young daughter and hopes to influence young women to pursue careers in STEM-based jobs.