• The Early College High School (ECHS) concept at Crowley Collegiate Academy (CCA) provides high school-age students a “seamless” pathway from high school to college. Housed on the second floor of the Bill R. Johnson Career & Technology Education Center which is the TCC South Crowley Campus, CCA offers our scholars assimilation into college coursework in an environment of support.  This integration requires dual enrollment, with each scholar demonstrating mastery of the knowledge and skills necessary for success (Texas Success Initiative Assessment [TSI-A] and other requisite tests).  Scholars who graduate from the CCA would have earned their high school diploma, accumulated 63 college credits and earned an Associate Degree, transferable to a senior college/university or leading to employment.  CCA will provide strong support to scholars and their families to obtain entrance to, and success in, college or the workplace.

    Students accepted into CCA would have completed an application with several essays describing their desires and determination.  CCA, as an ECHS in Texas, is committed to serving students who are underrepresented in higher education by recruiting low-income students, students who are at-risk of dropping out of school, racial and ethnic minorities, first-generation college goers, and English language learners.   

    CCA will use a recruitment strategy that includes a marketing campaign to 8th grade students, including written material as well as messages on social
    media to ensure that parents and students are aware of the ECHS program. The district will provide a series of parent meetings where an overview of the Crowley Collegiate Academy will be presented. Parents/Students will also be given instructions on the application process as well the deadline for application submission.  

    An enrollment strategy will exemplify the intent that ECHS demographics meet or exceed the district's proportional demographic representation in
    the areas of at-risk and economically disadvantaged students. Presentations are made to educate middle school counselors, principals and teachers on the program and the intended population to aid the communication process to parents and students. CISD will use a weighted process similar to the AVID selection process with a strategy to exceed the ECHS eligibility requirements.  

    In order to facilitate the selection process, CISD will use online student registration management software where students will complete the application. There will be an application point system that breaks down as follows:
      1. Economically-disadvantaged students will receive 5 points
      2. Students with an at-risk marker will receive 5 points
      3. Historically under-served in college courses 5 points
      4. First generation college goer 5 points
      5. Students enrolled in Spanish I or Algebra I in 8th grade will receive 1 point for each course.
    Once the demographic intent has been met, all remaining students will be selected for admission through a blind lottery.

  • Applications for Crowley Collegiate Academy are available at MyChoice Application.  Students, you should write the required essays to tell us more about you.