• Tarrant County College Dual Credit Courses

    Sophomore: GOVT2305/SPEECH 1311         
    Junior: ENGL1301/USH 1301               
    Senior: ENGL2323/TX GOVT2306         

    Sophomore: ECON2301/DRAM1310
    Junior: ENGL1302/ HIST 1302
    Senior: ENGL2328/KINE1164

    First year dual credit seniors must take English 1301/1302.
    Students who take and pass all 12 classes will have 31 credits towards the core curriculum and only need to fulfill 020 (mathematics) and 030 (science).
    Students must take two classes.

    2018 Dual Credit Summer
    June 4-21 Speech 1321 3 credit hours
    July 9-26 Drama 1310 3 credit hours
    June 4-21 KINE 1164 1 credit hour
    TBD BIOL 2401 (A&P) 4 credit hours

    Biology 2401 (Anatomy and Physiology 1) requires a college readiness score of 350 or higher in math.
    Biology 2401 also requires students to purchase their own book. For the other three courses, CISD will rent books at the cost of $25 per course. Students will not receive “dual credit” for this course, only college credit.