• How does transportation work?
    All students are bussed to the STEM academy from their neighborhood if they are coming from other campuses or if they live more than 2 miles from Sue Crouch.

    Is it your home campus?
    No. All students will attend Sue Crouch Intermediate. It is currently the campus that services the intermediate STEM program.

    What is the schedule?
    Fifth grade students are on a three-man team with one math teacher, one science teacher, and one ELA teacher. Sixth grade students are on a bell schedule with eight 55-minute periods. Math and ELA are two back to back periods each.

    Is there a different school supply list for STEM students?
    No, STEM students will follow the district school supply list for their grade level.
    Do they take field trips? STEM students will take two field based field trips per school year.

    Do students follow CISD standardized dress code?
    Yes, but they are required to wear a polo that has the STEM logo embroidered on it. These shirts are ordered through the campus before the school year begins. They will also have the opportunity to wear spirit shirts on Fridays.
    How are the STEM classes different from the general education classes? STEM students will learn through more hands-on experiences, project based learning, and an inquiry model. Our goal is to prepare our students for a career in the STEM field.

    Will my child have specials?
    Yes, all fifth grade STEM students will rotate through PE, music, and computer lab. Sixth grade STEM students will have PE and band, music, or choir.

    Does Sue Crouch Intermediate have after school clubs that STEM students can participate in?
    Yes, we offer several after school clubs, some of which change each school year. This year we will have a Debate club, and Art club, Whiz Quiz, Intramurals, and UIL just to name a few.