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    The Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWLA) is dedicated to developing the academic ability and leadership capacity of young women in a nurturing educational environment that promotes character development, college preparation, community service, and solving problems creatively and ethically.


    The Young Women’s Leadership Academy provides sixth grade girls an opportunity to excel in an environment that meets their social, emotional, and academic needs. Major components of the Young Women’s Leadership Academy’s academic culture are strong work ethic, risk taking, and empowerment. These characteristics are embedded in to a STEM focused instructional model with critical thinking and problem solving as focus areas.
    The YWLA scholars participate in various activities such as daily assemblies, book studies, and community service projects. These activities help the scholars not only expand their problem solving skills but also their leadership skills. The Academy’s goal is to provide rich learning experiences that occur in the classroom and extend beyond it. Classroom instruction is engaging and challenging. Learning extensions often occur beyond the classroom. A few extension projects involve family participation.

    Although the Academy operates separately from the traditional school, several of the traditional school’s initiatives also apply to the Academy. These include scholars collecting PRIDE signatures that can be spent at the PBIS store. Also, the Young Women’s Leadership Academy scholars are members of one of the six Houses, and there are House competitions. The Academy scholars begin their day in the library for morning assembly. During assembly, they recite the mission, a poem, sing their song, and have Tech Think, a time to record their thoughts on Ipads. Following assembly, the leaders go to one of their special classes which are physical education, music, computer, home economics or band. In their special classes and their lunch, it is only the Young Women’s Leadership Academy scholars. The remainder of the day, they are in their Pre-AP core content classes.