2018 Advanced Placement (AP) Registration

  • Cost Per Test
    Full Price: $94
    Students who earned APQT: $60
    Students on Free or Reduced Lunch: $9
    One time fee (not per test): $3

    Students registered for their AP exams in the fall. If a student has not registered, then they should go to www.totalregistration.org and follow the instructions.  By putting in some simple information, the system will bring you to the registration page for either Crowley High School or North Crowley High School. Fill out the registration completely and remember to check the box and fill in the information for a request for financial assistance if you earned APQT reductions. 

    Many students earned APQT discounts by scoring well on of their fall final exam. Students who did not earn APQT money will have an opportunity to take an APQT qualifying exam in February. Your teacher will give your this APQT exam between February 12-21. 

    Check Your Information
    Crowley ISD is ordering the AP exams and sending the scan-trons to Total Registration to pre-administer the test and bubble in all of your information.  Therefore, please take the time to make sure that your address is correct as well as your name and other information. Double check that you are registered for the tests that you want to be registered, and if there is an error or you no longer want to take a test make sure that you request not to take the test.  If there is an error in the amount owed, please email mundt@crowley.k12.tx.us immediately so that he can fix the situation. If you are on free or reduced lunch your account has been credited and is ready to be paid.

    In order to pay for your exams you must go to www.totalregistration.org and sign in to your account. If you have forgotten your sign in or your password, please follow the instructions on the sign in page. Payment must be made online by February 28, 2018. You will not be able to pay following the 28th and because of deadlines with both Total Registration and College Board, CISD will have very little flexibility in being able to allow you test. Please take care of your business. If there is an emergency, please talk to Mrs. Varley at CHS or Mr. Morris/Mrs. Springsted at North Crowley.

    No money will be accepted by either high school. Students desiring to pay by mail should mail their payment to Total Registration by February 22 to ensure payment is made prior to the deadline.