• Demonstration Teacher Network  
    The Demonstration Classroom Program is committed to making teaching and learning visible in efforts to support professional learning for CISD educators. Following an application process, Demonstration Teachers are selected to model and record instructional best practices for teachers, coaches, specialists and administrators visiting their classrooms.  

    Criteria for Consideration
    • At least two years of teaching experience is preferred
    • Consistent scores of proficient or above in all T-TESS domains and walk-through evaluations
    • 7-10 minute video uploaded to YouTube demonstrating one of the best
    • Completed online application

    • Committed to continuous improvement, exhibiting a growth mindset
    • Attend ongoing professional development including a summer training, up to four additional after-school trainings and video coaching throughout the school year
    • Model instructional best practices (based on content of professional development referenced above) during Demonstration Classroom Tours, occuring throughout the year
    • Willing to record model lessons during the school year for the instructional library