• Open Enrollment Information

    Open Enrollment will be announced soon for the 2018-19 school year.
    Due to the Affordable Care Act, all employees are required to complete the enrollment process. 

    What does that mean to you?
    I don’t want to make any changes:

    You must enroll in the In-Roll Online System 

    I want to make changes:
    You must enroll in the In-Roll Online System  
    I do not want any insurance:
    You must decline in the In-Roll Online System

    Important Items to Note:
    TRS has announced a statewide increase in premiums and changes to some health care plans for the 2018-19 plan year.

    Please take note that the ActiveCare Select plan is an HMO and is VERY restrictive with regard to in-network providers based on the geographic region in which you live. For example, this plan may NOT cover your dependent student who is attending school outside of your county. Please verify this information BEFORE selecting this plan.
    Also, it will only provide “emergency” coverage for you when traveling. Bottom line – please be very diligent in your decision before choosing this plan. Aetna has said there will be no exceptions to change from this plan without a qualifying event. 

    Information regarding this plan (and all other plans) can be found on the TRS website at www.trsactivecareaetna.com.

    What is the deadline to enroll?
    Open enrollment will be held from Sunday, July 1 through Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018.

    Am I required to complete the enroll process even if I don’t want any of the coverage or need to make any changes to my existing coverage? 
    Yes. Due to requirements of the Affordable Care Act, all employees are required to complete the enrollment process – even if it is simply to “decline” coverage.

    This year is a passive enrollment, which allows all coverage to rollover, with the exception of Flex Spending Accounts (FSA). If you are declining coverage, Federal Law requires that we have a documented record in In-Roll (online enrollment system) of your declination. Please see “How do I enroll?” below. 

    What benefits does this open enrollment include? 
    TRS ActiveCare (health/medical) and all voluntary supplemental benefits (e.g. dental, vision, life, disability, cancer, critical illness, flex spending accounts, health savings accounts, etc.). 

    What term or plan year does this open enrollment include?
    This open enrollment will be for the coverage year Sept. 1, 2018 to Aug. 31, 2019.

    Where can I get information about the TRS ActiveCare plans? 
    Plan highlights, premiums, etc. for all TRS ActiveCare plans can be found at the following web page: www.trsactivecareaetna.com. 

    What is the cost for TRS ActiveCare? 
    Crowley ISD and the state will continue contributing a total of $225 per month toward health insurance costs for employees enrolled in TRS ActiveCare. Remember, your monthly premium is $225 less than the price listed on the rate sheet.

    How do I enroll?
    There are two options:

    Online – all enrollment can be completed through the “In-Roll” website at www.in-roll.com

    In person – enrollees will be at the Administration Building and BRJ CTE Center to assist you with your enrollment on the following dates:  

    Campus  Enrollment Assistance Tentative Dates           
    BRJ CTE Center                  
    July 31, 2018
    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.     

    BRJ CTE Center

    Aug. 1, 2018
    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.   

    Administrator Building

    Aug. 7, 2018
    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    Administrator Building

    Aug. 8, 2018
    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    BRJ CTE Center

    Aug. 14, 2018
    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.   

    BRJ CTE Center

    Aug. 15, 2018
    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.   
    Who do I call if I have questions?
    Please call the District’s Third Party Administrator, U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group (USEBSG), at (972) 772-0900 or (877) 730-7780.

    You can also email the District’s Benefits Specialist at: brittany.peek@crowley.k12.tx.us.

    While Crowley ISD cannot advise employees on specific health care plans or benefits, we encourage you to thoroughly research and take an active role in selecting the best health care options for you and your family.