Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Contact Information
    Phone: 1-888-293-6948
    TDD Phone: 800-327-1833
    24 hours a day, seven days a week
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    There are times in life when you might need a little help coping or figuring out what to do. Take advantage of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available to all full-time employees and their family at no cost. CISD employees and their dependents can contact master’s-degreed clinicians 24/7 by phone, through the mobile app, online, live chat, email and text. The EAP provides you with immediate and confidential help for any work, health or life concerns. 

       • Depression, grief, loss and emotional well-being
       • Family, marital and other relationship issues
       • Life improvement and goal-setting
       • Addictions such as alcohol and drug abuse
       • Stress and anxiety with work or family
       • Financial and legal concerns
       • Identity theft and fraud resolution
       • Online will preparation

    WorkLife Services
    The EAP can help you find a solid work-life balance by assisting you with articles, resources and referrals for areas such as:

       • Education
       • Financial planning
       • Hiring a lawyer
       • Tax planning
       • Buying a home
       • Adoption
       • Daily living and care for a pet, child or elderly loved one

    20 Ways The EAP Can Help 
    There are many ways to get help today - all completely confidential. The EAP provides you with immediate and confidential help for any work, health or life concern. Let us help with stress, anxiety, parenting advice, family needs and much more.

    1. Assess your personal problems or concerns so that you can understand them more clearly.
    2. Address short-term problems and concerns for depression, anxiety, anger, relationships and family matters.
    3. Effectively cope and manage any issues or symptoms causing you stress.
    4. Recognize and target risky behaviors related to drinking or drug use, gambling and/or other addictions.
    5. Access support to help you stay motivated and involved in self-help or recovery.
    6. Sort through complex decisions that may have long-term consequences for you, your family or others.
        Examples: e.g., divorce, retirement, or life change
    7. Make positive and lasting lifestyle changes with online tools, articles, videos and self-assessments.
    8. Help you decide what type of mental health professional will work best for you, based on your communication style and goals.
    9. Build a greater capacity to identify and remove barriers to personal growth and change.
    10. Access grief support and learn coping strategies to help you deal with the loss of a loved one.
    11. Find an attorney to assist with legal matters such as separation/divorce, custody, child support, and estate planning.
    12. Better manage your finances by referring you for assistance with budgeting, savings or debt management.
    13. Locate childcare providers and arrange for back-up childcare in case your regular support system falls through.
    14. Find referral resources and information for adoption and education (K-12 and college/trade schools).
    15. Access resources to help manage and improve relationships with spouses, partners, or other significant people.
    16. Find eldercare resources such as nursing/retirement homes and meal delivery services.
    17. Learn positive communication skills to help improve communication and morale among your work team.
    18. Learn how to work effectively with your employees and to improve their productivity.
    19. Access crisis relief services following a critical incident involving death, injury, or post-traumatic stress.
    20. (For supervisors) Learn effective ways to recommend EAP support, when employees’ personal issues are interfering with performance.

    Access your EAP 24/7 by phone or web
    1-888-293-6948| workhealthlife.com (Search for organization: Crowley Independent School District)