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    Two-Year Plan
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    The Crowley ISD Board of Trustees has approved a two-year plan for rezoning and restructuring schools to accommodate growth in our growing community.

    Three Crowley ISD schools are scheduled to open in the next two years:

       • A new elementary school in the Fall 2019
       • A new career and technology center in Fall 2020           
       • The current career and technology building will be renovated into a fourth middle school in Fall 2020      

    As we build and plan for the future, we are adjusting where some students go to school and which grade levels will be at each campus. This means two things - rezoning and restructuring.

    This two-year plan addresses four important factors:
       • Transitions for students
       • Convenience for families
       • School size
       • Academic performance

    Fall 2019      
       • All current elementary schools, plus the new elementary campus under construction, will become Pre-K through 5th grade campuses.
       • The four current intermediate schools will be transformed into Kindergarten through 6th grade campuses for one year.
       • Middle schools will remain the same with 7th and 8th grades.
       • High schools will remain unchanged.

    Fall 2020
         • The intermediate schools will become Pre-K through 5th Grade elementary campuses.
         • Our fourth middle school will open and all middle schools will become 6th through 8th grade campuses.
         • High schools will remain unchanged.

    Approved Attendance Zones

    *High school attendance zones would not be affected by this plan.

    We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to give more information. If you still have questions about the two-year proposal, email information@crowley.k12.tx.us