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    Professional learning in Crowley ISD is an on-going, continuous process that supports the learning of all staff members who work with students. The goal of professional learning is to improve teaching and learning in order to increase achievement for every student.

    Professional learning in our district is grounded in two beliefs: first, that teachers hold significant experience and expertise in their practice; and, second, that everyone is a learner. In order to make good on our promise to children, professional learning in our district supports deliberate and structured opportunities for staff to share what they know in order to be learners together in their practice.

    All professional learning in our district aligns with and supports the goals in the District Improvement Plan, School Improvement Plans, individual teachers’ Professional Learning Goals, and, TTESS.

    In addition, professional learning throughout the school system derives from the ARPS Theory of Action: “If all teachers engage in an ongoing cycle of disciplined collaboration, focused on the examination and continuous improvement of student learning and instructional practice, engagement and achievement will increase for all students,” and includes learning together about, in, and from our practice.

    Email: professionaldevelopment@crowley.k12.tx.us
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