(August 15, 2017) – Accountability ratings released today by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) show Crowley ISD continues to exceed state standards in all four of the key academic indexes in the 2017 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).

    The district and 84% of its tested campuses (16 of 19) have been rated at the top level of “Met Standard” for 2017. Three campuses have been rated “Improvement Required.”

    Crowley ISD is celebrating schools across the district that are receiving academic distinction designations. Ten of these designations are being awarded to six campuses for achievement in several different areas and are based on performance relative to a group of campuses of similar type, size, grade span and student demographics.

    Accountability Overview:

    • 16 campuses rated “Met Standard”
    • 3 campuses rated “Improvement Required”
        (Deer Creek Elementary, J.A. Hargrave Elementary and Parkway Elementary)
    • 10 distinction designations awarded
    • 6 campuses receiving distinction designations
      (North Crowley High/9th Grade Campus, Sue Crouch Intermediate, Dallas Park Elementary,
          Jackie Carden Elementary, Meadowcreek Elementary and Sycamore Elementary)

    District Summary:

    • Index 1 (Student Achievement) – Crowley ISD “Met Standard”
    • Index 2 (Student Progress) – Crowley ISD “Met Standard”
    • Index 3 (Closing Performance Gaps) – Crowley ISD “Met Standard”
    • Index 4 (Postsecondary Readiness) – Crowley ISD “Met Standard”

    Campus Summary:

    • 84% of tested campuses in Crowley ISD “Met Standard” by meeting or exceeding all applicable state index targets.
    • 87% of the required campus performance indexes were met or exceeded by Crowley ISD students.
      • Index 1 (Student Achievement) – 63% of Crowley ISD’s campuses exceeded state standards.
      • Index 2 (Student Progress) – 95% of Crowley ISD’s campuses exceeded state standards.
      • Index 3 (Closing Performance Gaps) – 89% of Crowley ISD’s campuses exceeded state standards.
      • Index 4 (Postsecondary Readiness) – 100% of Crowley ISD’s campuses exceeded state standards.

    Results show more campuses achieving success in Index 2 (Student Progress) and Index 4 (Postsecondary Readiness) than in 2016. Index 1 (Student Achievement) and Index 3 (Closing Performance Gaps) show opportunities for improvement.

    Among Crowley ISD’s campuses, both high schools were rated as “Met Standard,” all three middle schools were rated as “Met Standard,” all four intermediate schools were rated as “Met Standard” while seven out of 10 elementary schools were rated as “Met Standard.” Three elementary schools were rated “Improvement Required.” (See Table 1: District/Campus Overview of 2017 Results)

    Six Crowley ISD schools earned a combined 10 titles of academic “Distinction Designations”:

    • North Crowley High/9th Grade Campus: Top 25% Student Progress, Academic Achievement in Math and Academic Achievement in Social Studies
    • Sue Crouch Intermediate: Top 25% Student Progress, Academic Achievement in Math and Academic Achievement in Science
    • Dallas Park Elementary: Top 25% Student Progress
    • Jackie Carden Elementary: Academic Achievement in English, Language Arts and Reading
    • Meadowcreek Elementary: Top 25% Student Progress
    • Sycamore Elementary: Postsecondary Readiness

    (See Table 2: Campus Distinction Designations)

    “We are proud of the great things students and educators are accomplishing in every school across Crowley ISD,” Interim Superintendent Dr. Patricia Linares said. “These accountability ratings show successes and crucial areas for continued improvement.”

    “Our roadmap for improving student achievement begins with implementing recommendations from the recent district curriculum audit requested by the Crowley ISD Board of Trustees. This will include developing a comprehensive curriculum management system. We will ensure that every piece of curriculum in every classroom is of the highest quality and deeply aligned in content, context and cognitive rigor with high-stakes assessments. STAAR results are one of the many diagnostic tools we use to track student progress and we will continue working with campus administrators and teachers to keep our focus on children and providing a high-quality education,” Dr. Linares said.

    TEA 2017 Accountability Ratings