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New Dismissal Procedures and Map

Parents, we want to thank you for your patience as we implement a new school-wide dismissal process on Monday August 19, 2019. The purpose of the change is to foster a faster and safer dismissal for you and your students.

1. Student Walkers Dismissal Procedures:
Pre-K4 through 5th grade students will be released out of the front main doors of the school at 4:20 p.m. The student walkers will be escorted by a staff or teacher at the northeast corner to make sure the students cross the street safely. If you are waiting to walk your child home, please meet them outside at the main doors.

2. Student Bus and Daycare Riders Procedures:
Students who are transported to school and from school by bus or daycare will be dropped off and picked-up on the southeast side of the school at door #2.

3. Student Car-Riders Procedures:
Parents/Guardians of Pre-K4 through 5th grades students who are picked up at dismissal by cars will need to come through the northwest parking lot located on the west front side of the school. On Friday, August 16, students received two car decals. Parents, please place the car decals in the windshield/dash of the car. A staff member will walk students down the center lane to load students into vehicles. Please do not leave your vehicle during this process. Leaving your vehicle will slow the process, and is not safe for you and your students. If you are parked in the right lane, please exit right (west) on the southwest side of the school. If you are parked in the left plan, please exit left (east) on the southeast of the school.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Ms. Rolanda McKenzie
Principal, ACE Demonstration and Design Lab at J.A. Hargrave Elementary

J.A. Hargrave Dismissal Map