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New Weight GPA Scale Approved

Benefits of New Weighted GPA Scale
   • Creates a more equitable weighted GPA scale
   • Eliminates the competitive disadvantage for Crowley ISD students by aligning with cohort districts

  Student earns a 70
in AP class
Student earns a 70
in Pre-AP class
Student earns a 70
in regular class
Previous CISD Weighted GPA 2.0 1.5 1.0
Cohort Districts’ Weighted GPA 3.0 2.5 2.0
New CISD Weighted GPA 3.0 2.5 2.0

   • Encourages student participation in advanced courses
   • Weighted GPA for approximately 140 seniors could improve from a 1.99 or below to a 2.0 or greater
   • Positively impacts the weighted GPA of all Crowley ISD students


Previous Average
Weighted GPA
New Average
Weighted GPA
Crowley High School 2.703 3.2499
North Crowley High School 2.7682 3.2919

April 23, 2021

The Crowley ISD Board of Trustees has voted unanimously to adopt a more equitable scale for calculating the weighted grade point average (GPA) for high school students. The new scale is designed to address inequities unintentionally created in the previous policy and is effective immediately for the class of 2021 and beyond.

Located in Board Policy (EIC) LOCAL, the new scale also aligns more closely with school districts across the state of Texas and will have a positive impact on the weighted GPA of all high school students in Crowley ISD.

One of the responsibilities of the school board is to adopt policies and review their effectiveness. As the previous weighted GPA scale was reviewed, inequities were found that trustees agreed needed to be corrected immediately.

“Equity and advocacy for all students are top priorities in Crowley ISD, and this much-needed adjustment will help break down the barriers that our previous policy inadvertently created,” School Board President Dr. Mia Hall said.

In the previous policy, weighted courses in Crowley ISD could potentially produce lower GPAs than unweighted courses. The previous policy also created a disadvantage for Crowley ISD students who were competing academically with students from other districts for college admission and scholarships.

“This unanimous decision to create a more equitable weighted GPA scale is one of the many ways our board is implementing our district’s Vision 2025 strategic plan to equip all students to thrive today and in the future.” Hall said.

Superintendent Dr. Michael McFarland told the board this new policy will be implemented with fidelity.

“We understand this can be a sensitive topic, and we acknowledge the timing is sensitive as we approach graduation,” McFarland said. “But when I asked myself, when is the right time to do what is right, the answer I came up with is–when we realize what we are doing is wrong. 

We have an incredible team of educators, counselors and administrators committed to helping all students succeed, and in Crowley ISD–all means all,” McFarland said. “The work we do is possible because of our trustees who lead with a focus on excellence and equity.”

The class rank of more than 430 Crowley ISD students could improve, depending on final grades, because of the new weighted GPA scales. If a student’s class rank drops due to this implementation and their acceptance into college or qualification for scholarship is negatively impacted, then a notarized letter of explanation from the board and superintendent will be provided to the student.

Graduation ceremony responsibilities and recognition for the class of 2021 will be based on this new weighted GPA scale. Seniors who were in line for recognition and special participation as of the end of the fifth six weeks based on the previous scale will be provided the opportunity to receive the same recognition as the new recipients based on the new scale.         

Effective immediately for the graduating class of 2021 and beyond, Crowley ISD will convert semester grades earned in eligible courses to grade points in accordance with the following chart to calculate a student’s weighted GPA.

New Weighted GPA Scale
Previous Weighted GPA Scale