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Return to In-Person Instruction

Come Home To Crowley ISD

June 9, 2021

Dear Crowley ISD Families,

The end of the school year is upon us, and we are busy planning for a full return to in-person, face-to-face instruction and activities for all students in the 2021-22 school year.

We realize some families were interested in continuing virtual learning. Unfortunately, Texas House Bill 1468, which would have made that option possible, failed to pass during this legislative session. The session ended May 31. Therefore, Crowley ISD will not be able to offer a virtual learning platform next school year.

The past 15 months have been challenging for everyone, and we are excited to have all of our new and returning students come home to Crowley ISD. Thank you for your grace, patience and willingness to go above and beyond. Despite the challenges, our community stepped up and did what was necessary to best support our students.

Action Required: Register Your Children Today!
As we prepare to return to 100% in-person learning in 2021-22, please remember to complete registration for your children. This is a quick, online process through Skyward Family Access.

Parents/guardians of students who are already attending Crowley ISD and plan to return in the fall must log in to Family Access to verify the information we have on file for their children. 

This helps us reserve seats, assign classes and ensure a smooth start to the school year for your family.

This summer will be shorter than normal. However, I still encourage our students, families and staff to rest and relax.  Most importantly - wish for each of us time of respair.  

If you are like me when I first heard this word, you may be wondering, what is respair? It is a 16th-century word that means "the return of hope after period of despair” when used as a noun. When being used as a verb, respair means “to have hope again.”  

Regardless of how you interpret this word, it is definitely what we all need. I recognize that the pandemic is not over. But, signs of hope are all around us. Hope is a powerful and restoring force, and I challenge each of you to focus on what is before us and recognize that we are greater than what we have been through. In spite of the trauma, we are still here, we are strong and the greatest opportunities lie ahead.  

As we plan for the upcoming school year, we are encouraged by the improved conditions surrounding the pandemic and very low transmission rates within our community. We will continue to practice measures to minimize the spread of illness through enhanced cleaning protocols, frequent hand washing and other personal health protections. Students, staff and guests are welcome to continue wearing a face mask, if they choose.  

We will continue to communicate through the summer as we prepare to welcome our students back to school on August 12, 2021. For students in the new Accelerated Learning Academy at David L. Walker Elementary School, the extended school year starts July 12, 2021.

I know I speak for the entire Crowley ISD team when I say we have never been more excited to kick off a new school year and for all of our students to come home to Crowley ISD!

With Crowley Pride Unified,

Dr. Michael McFarland
Superintendent of Schools