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Message from Dr. McFarland

January 21, 2023


Dear Crowley ISD family,


Crowley Pride Unified is our mantra in Crowley ISD, and excellence is what we expect. We had great basketball games and a sellout crowd Friday night as Crowley High School and North Crowley High School competed in rivalry matchups with incredible sportsmanship. However, a small group of individuals chose to engage in behavior that was unacceptable and will not be tolerated in Crowley ISD.


Several fights occurred outside of North Crowley High School after the game, and our school administrators, Crowley ISD police officers and Fort Worth police officers were there to respond in force quickly and appropriately to end the fights and disperse the crowds. We are grateful for this collaboration and partnership, and we are thankful that no one was seriously injured and no weapons were involved.


We are investigating with police, and all students involved will be disciplined to the fullest extent allowable. We will continue to review and improve our safety and security measures as we work together to keep our schools and community safe.


This event is not an indication of who we are, but we will learn from it. I ask for help from parents, educators and the entire community to reiterate to our children the expectations we have for appropriate behavior.


With Crowley Pride Unified,

Dr. Michael McFarland

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