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New Cybersecurity Pathway


Experts anticipate 20 billion devices to be connected to the internet by 2020. As cases of identity theft and hacking increase, cybersecurity has become a core component of homeland security and a booming career field. Starting in Fall 2019, Crowley ISD will offer a Cybersecurity pathway starting in ninth grade. Interested students should visit their counselor to enroll for Fall 2019. The entry-level course would be AP Computer Science Principles. 

AP Computer Science Principles Description
This course will introduce students to the essential ideas of computer science and show how computing and technology can influence the world around them.

Students will creatively address real-world issues and concerns while using the same processes and tools as artists, writers, computer scientists and engineers to bring ideas to life. Computer Science Principles helps develop programming expertise, explore the workings of the Internet and discover exciting career paths that utilize computing. Projects and problems include app development, visualization of data, cybersecurity and simulation.

This course is the first course in either Computer Science or the Cybersecurity pathway. Students enrolling in Advanced Placement courses will be required to take the Advanced Placement or Mock AP exams for each course in order to receive credit. AP courses receive weighted GPA credit.