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New Course: Native American Studies

Native American Studies is coming to Crowley ISD! The new course was approved by the Crowley ISD school board during the regular meeting on Nov. 16. Newly offered in the state of Texas, students will explore the history and contemporary cultures of American Indians/Natives.

Crowley ISD is proud to add this offering to other unique Social Studies courses such as African American Studies and Mexican American Studies.

Course: Native American Studies
10th-12th Grade | 1 Credit | Social Studies

Ethnic Studies: American Indian/Native Studies explores the history and contemporary cultures of American Indians/Natives with a primary goal of offering students a perspective rooted in American Indian/Native viewpoints, treating each Native Nation studied as an independent and sovereign entity. This survey course delves into the cultures of Native Nations in the United States and Texas, emphasizing their social, economic, and political interactions within the broader context of North American history. By understanding the impact of historical events on the present, students gain a deeper context for addressing the triumphs and challenges faced by American Indian/Native communities in today's United States.