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2024 Ability Games

Students smiling at Ability Games

Crowley ISD Special Education hosted the second annual CISD Ability Games for middle and high school students at the Crowley ISD Multi-Purpose Stadium on Friday, March 22. Throughout the event, students were immersed in a vibrant atmosphere, filled with energy and enthusiasm. From engaging in various sports activities to enjoying the rhythmic beats of music, eating delicious food, and participating in an assortment of fun-filled festivities, every moment was crafted to ensure an unforgettable experience for all attendees.
“Being a part of the Ability Games was an incredible experience," said Rose Jones, a Crowley High School junior and volunteer at the Ability Games. "It was one I was looking forward to for months. Being able to see the students’ faces light up with joy was so rewarding to see. I will forever be grateful for that day and look forward to the Panther Olympics coming up!”
Thank you to all of the dedicated and committed volunteers and staff who helped make this day special for all of our students!