Crowley ISD is committed to providing safe, secure and nurturing schools for all students and staff across 23 campuses and multiple office buildings. Our school safety and security department, led by a former law enforcement officer who served in the United States Secret Service as well as a former Fort Worth Police officer, continually reviews and improves safety measures in our schools, including:

Secured entries
Every Crowley ISD school is equipped with safety vestibules that require all visitors to enter through the front office and be checked in. All other exterior doors are locked.

Visitor screening
We use the Raptor Visitor Management System to screen all visitors who are required to provide their driver’s license for background checks.

Surveillance cameras
There are more than 1,400 surveillance cameras across our district monitored by campus and district administrators.

Police on campus
School Resource Officers (SROs) from the Crowley Police Department, Fort Worth Police Department and Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department help protect our campuses and are trained to provide immediate support to students and staff.

Active shooter training
Principals, assistant principals and campus monitors participate in active shooter training with the Fort Worth Police Department.

Safety drills
Students and staff participate in age-appropriate safety drills throughout the school year.

Emergency procedures guides
We post emergency operations flip charts in every classroom and office to make sure important instructions are readily-accessible during a crisis.

Crime Stoppers
Crowley ISD partners with Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County to encourage students, parents, staff and community members to submit anonymous tips if they see suspicious or illegal behavior.

Texas School Safety Center
All 23 campus have received school safety certificates from the Texas School Safety Center.

For More Information Contact:
Pat Panek Headshot
Pat Panek

Director, District Safety & Security
Phone: 817-297-5257



Margaret Terry Headshot
Margaret Terry

Coordinator, District Safety & Security
Phone: 817-297-5262