• What is the uniform? 
    The standard of dress for YMLA scholars, both fifth and sixth grade, will be similar to the standard of dress as the rest of the campus, and include black uniform pants and navy or white polo shirts. The only additional elements to the standard of dress include patches and a spirit shirt.  

    Embroidered patches will be available for purchase and will be added to the front of collared shirts for YMLA scholars. Scholarships may be available for the purchase of embroidered patches. Please see campus counselor for more information. The patch, along with a YMLA spirit shirt, are both available for purchase through David L. Walker Intermediate. Both will become the uniform attire for the 2018-19 school year. Spirit shirts will be worn during off campus service-learning projects and during instructional days that are pre-approved by campus administration.

    Can fifth grade scholars be in the Young Men’s Leadership Academy? 
    Yes, the Young Men’s Leadership Academy is for both fifth and sixth grade scholars. 

    When are the scholars in the Young Men’s Leadership class with the scholars in the traditional school?
    They are not with the traditional scholars. The Young Men’s Leadership Academy scholars attend separate special classes and a separate lunch.

    What is the community service requirement?
    The requirement is ten hours.