• Is there a fee?
    No. This program is offered through the CISD MyChoice framework at no cost to students and their families.

    What will students learn in Two-Way Dual Language? 
    Students will be provided opportunities to study international cultures through project and problem-based learning activities each semester. Study's will explore the impact. Students will also have a weekly language lab rotation where they will begin learning, or build upon, biliteracy and bilingualism. TWDL students will also participate in creative writing seminars and demonstrate knowledge in poetry and composition through international writing partnerships.  The study of Spanish dance and international PE will also be explored throughout the course of the year for all scholars. 

    What enrichment is available beyond the classroom?
    Students will participate in community involvement and service-learning opportunities on campus and in the greater Crowley and Fort Worth area. Parents or guardians are encouraged to participate in, and contribute to, two or more campus or academic community events with their scholar each academic year.

    Is there a separate dress code?
    At this time Dual Language Academy students follow the same dress code as other students in grades PK-4. Research is being conducted about shirts for these students that would include the dual language academy logo.

    How do students get support to learn the second language?
    As part of the Gomez & Gomez model, language immersion leads to language acquisition. Students are immersed in academic and social language acquisition situations while learning math, science, social studies, and language arts. In addition, students are immersed in social language acquisition by following the language of the day; i.e. English or Spanish.

    Is transportation provided?
    Yes. Parents / Guardians may choose to provide transportation or students are offered shuttle bus transportation from the student's home campus to Deer Creek Elementary. The parent / guardian is responsible for securing transportation to and from the home campus unless the student qualifies for a CISD bus route from the home campus to the neighborhood bus stop.