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    Sue Crouch’s STEM Academy’s Mission is to create a student centered learning environment with a rigorous and technologically enhanced curriculum rich in Science, Engineering and Math. We will provide experiences that motivate all students to take risks and challenge every day expectations in learning through a safe and secure environment.


    We work to build a culture that cultivates risk-taking, respect for one another and values individual differences. Students have the ability to explore, think, collaborate, and reflect on their learning using 21st Century skills.

    STEM students will learn through more hands-on experiences, project based learning, and an inquiry model. Our goal is to prepare our students for a career in the STEM field. We provide two field-based field trips per year and opportunities to collaborate and discuss real world issues with guest speakers who are giants in their field. There are STEM Socials for the students to showcase their work and discuss their experiences and reflections from the experiences.