• Public Review for District of Innovation Plan

    Community members now have an opportunity to review a plan that could bring more flexibility to schools, allowing Crowley ISD to meet students’ needs and align with its Strategic Plan.

    Crowley ISD’s District of Innovation (DOI) design committee concluded their recommendation on February 20, 2017 for the District’s exemption from the Texas Education Code (TEC) statute: 

    • calendar requirements for the first and last day of school

    House Bill 1842 allowed school districts to gain more local control through a community-based plan for TEC exemptions, allowing for more flexibility to meet students’ needs. Districts go through a process that starts with its Board of Trustees adopting a resolution, a design team to initiate the recommendation process, a review by the District-Wide Educational Improvement Council, a final vote for approval by its Board, and submission to the state commissioner of education.

    Crowley ISD’s plan aligns with its Strategic Plan. The committee gave careful consideration to the selection of the exemptions contained in this plan.

    If the Board approves a DOI plan at the March 30, 2017, regular meeting, the administration will work with Trustees to set local policies and support changes. Districts review DOI plans on an annual basis.

    Students, teachers, parents, and community members can review the plan here and submit feedback here.

    The 30-day review will conclude with a meeting by the District-Wide Educational Improvement Council, which is a representative group of staff, parents, and community members who meet to review District performance and make recommendations to the Board.