District Strategic Plan

  • Crowley ISD Strategic Plan

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    Vision 2025 is Crowley ISD's strategic plan for the future. Developed with input from students, parents, staff and community members, a design team consisting of more than 30 district stakeholders designed this five-year plan that includes our beliefs, learner outcomes and three specific goals for Crowley ISD.

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    Call to Action
    All Crowley ISD students will be equipped with social, emotional and academic skills to thrive as citizens in a diverse, evolving, global society. 

    Our Beliefs
    • A quality education is a human right and is an equalizer for all students.
    • District transparency at all levels leads to community support and respect.
    • All students deserve a voice and choice in their learning because they learn in unique ways.
    • In meaningful relationships in the student learning community. 
    • In educating the whole child beyond the core academics.

    Learner Outcomes
    • Apply critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication skills in every course.
    • Have a variety of learning opportunities and activities.
    • Participate in real-world authentic experiences in a variety of career choices and areas of interests.
    • Set and monitor personal learning goals and receive mentorship to help them achieve college and career readiness.
    • Feel like they matter and contribute to a diverse society.
    • Utilize self-management skills to effectively communicate their social and emotional learning and their academic needs.
    • Be expected to demonstrate social and emotional skills.
    • Be technology proficient while upholding expectations of a digitally responsible citizen.

    Learner Profile
    • Adapts
    • Problem Solves
    • Advocates
    • Resilient
    • Collaborates 
    • Self-Aware
    • Communicates
    • Self-Management
    • Inquisitive
    • Serves Others
    • Thinks Critically

    Goals and Specific Results

    Goal 1: Thriving Students
    All Crowley ISD students will be equipped to thrive today and in the future.

    • Ensure a safe, secure and nurturing school environment.
    • Provide a variety of learning and real-world experiences that enhance academic achievement.
    • Nurture social and emotional development in all students. 
    • Ensure equitable access to district curriculum, aligned instructional processes, resources and experiences for all learners.
    • Cultivate future-ready students.

    Goal 2: Engaged Community 
    Crowley ISD will partner with families and the community to meet the needs of all students. 

    • Create opportunities for students, families and community members to engage and learn together. 
    • Engage in and sustain meaningful partnerships with community members and organizations to enhance the learner’s experience. 
    • Engage in consistent, current and interactive communication that meets the needs of our diverse community. 
    • Ensure a safe, welcoming and engaging environment that fosters a sense of community among our families and staff. 
    • Identify campus liaisons to create and maintain relationships with families, community members and organizations. 
    • Ensure financial responsibility and transparency to meet student needs. 

    Goal 3: Empowered Staff
    Crowley ISD will empower all staff to provide a quality education for all students.

    • Evaluate and enhance current professional development. 
    • Implement a comprehensive, tiered program of learning opportunities for all staff. 
    • Equitably distribute and effectively use resources across the district.