Leadership Development

  • The following are different networks of Leadership Development within the Center for Teaching and Learning Department at CISD.


    New Teacher Leader Network Logo

    The Teacher Leader Network (TLN) is continuous professional development designed to provide opportunities for growth in instructional expertise, practitioner research, and teacher leadership while serving as a leader among their peers. Participants will work in their current role while they attend network opportunities focused on building professional capacity through collaboration and job-embedded professional learning opportunities.

    To be selected for the network, interested applicants must currently serve in a teacher leadership role, such as an instructional technologist, instructional coach, content specialist, demonstration teacher, department head, or other campus leadership position approved by the Director of Professional Development. The network will launch in July with an intense two-day professional development opportunity that will provide teachers valuable skills to become effective coaches and designers of professional learning. On-going learning opportunities will be offered throughout the school year.

    New Aspiring Administrator Logo
    Aspiring Administrator Network (AAN) is a year-long professional development opportunity, with a possible individualized second year follow-up plan, designed to prepare those who aspire to attain an administration position. The learning is designed with a focus on developing and enhancing leadership skills and to broaden knowledge of administrator expectations. An assistant principal panel discussion and mock interviews are also part of the network.
    Eligibility requirements include a desire to be a campus administrator; master’s degree with administrator certification; a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a teacher; recommendation by the campus principal; and an interview by the CISD Leadership Committee.

    New Administrator Logo
    New Administrator Network (NAN) provides an invaluable opportunity for first-year administrators to engage in practical and relevant learning.  The learning experience will consist of a variety of opportunities geared directly to the tasks, responsibilities, and professional growth of an assistant principal. 
    Participants will attend structured courses, learning community opportunities, and self-selected learning sessions; along with completing job embedded activities and receiving individualized feedback. The network will kick-off with a one day boot camp including discussions regarding self-awareness, safety and security, and basic discipline training.

    New Aspiring Principal Network Logo
    Aspiring Principal Network (APN) is designed to provide readiness skill sets to currently seated campus administrators who aspire to attain a seat as a principal. Participants engage in activities grounded in readings from renowned authors on leadership. Two of the highlights of the network include a mock principal interview and a principal’s panel discussion. 
    Eligibility requirements include a desire to be a campus principal; a minimum of 3 year experience as a campus administrator; recommendation by the campus principal; and an interview by the CISD Leadership Committee.

    New Principal Network Logo
    New Principal Network (NPN) provides support to the first-year principal as he/she acquires technical skill sets for leading a school. Each novice principal is assigned a mentor, and will attend a one day session prior to the school year. On-going learning opportunities, and mentoring and coaching will occur throughout the school year.