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    The School Transformation Department supports the district’s mission to ensure that all Crowley ISD students will be equipped with the social, emotional, and academic skills to thrive as citizens in a diverse, evolving, global society. The School Transformation Department aids the district in achieving this mission through a strategic planning process that evaluates campus performance. The Department plans school-based innovation and implements bold transformative practices to ensure high quality learning for all students. The School Transformation department plans and undertake school-based innovation and transformative practices that change education to adapt to the modern learners in the 21st Century.

    Our focus on academic rigor creates learning experiences that allow students to engage a seamless instruction and activities that immerse the student into their own learning. This is done so students can thrive and develop their own best instructional practices rather than trying to follow the traditional model and pacing guide in a traditional setting. Learn more about the School Transformation Department’s innovative programs below.

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