• Starting March 19, the voluntary transfer window will be open through Monday April 2 (two weeks only).

    A voluntary transfer is defined as a request for a lateral move (i.e. movement between the same/similar job titles and pay grades) or a move from a higher pay grade to a lower pay grade at another site or campus. This policy does not apply to promotion by title, salary increase, instructional stipend increase, or by increase in number of contract days.

    You must put your name on the list if you want to be considered for openings that become eligible in the spring.  Employees on the transfer list before the deadline remain eligible for voluntary transfer between campuses until the last day of school.

    You will not be considered for any voluntary transfer if your name is not on the list. I encourage you to put your name on the list if you even think you want to be considered for a transfer if a desirable position becomes available.  

    Eligibility for transfer

    • Must have worked in Crowley ISD for a minimum of 2 years. Exceptions could be made be for any teacher that was involuntarily placed into their assignment for the current year
    • Must have appropriate certification for the position (Elementary and Intermediate teacher positions require ESL)
    • Professional Employee’s eligibility: Professional employees who are on a growth plan or have documented performance concerns are not eligible.
    • Paraprofessional’s eligibility: Paraprofessional employees who have documented performance concerns are not eligible.

    Application for transfer
    Step 1 – Complete a Voluntary Transfer Request application online during the transfer window. 
    The Voluntary Transfer Window will be open for two weeks only. The window will be open from March 19, 2018 (Monday following Spring Break) to Monday April 2, 2018

    The Human Resources department will review all applications for eligibility and prepare a master list of “Eligible Transfer Requests” for principals to view. Principals are responsible for verifying that an employee’s name is on the list before scheduling any interview. Non-eligible employees will be notified via email by the Human Resources department.

    Step 2 – Create an internal application on the Crowley ISD online application system and apply for positions for which you are interested. 

    The Voluntary Transfer Request allows an employee to be considered for openings. Requesting a transfer does not guarantee that a change in assignment will occur. 

    Employees who request transfers are given consideration, but are not guaranteed an interview. If selected for an interview, the principal/hiring manager will contact you directly. 

    Administrator transfer requests will be handled through the office of the Deputy Superintendent of School Improvement and do not need to go through the transfer list process.

    Any exceptions to these procedures must be approved through the office of the Deputy Superintendent of School Improvement.

    Judi Cangas
    Crowley ISD Human Resources Coordinator, Operations