• Technology Services  

    With the ever changing needs of the campuses, it has become more important than ever to stay relevant and supportive of their needs.  This will be accomplished by staying true to the vision and mission of the Crowley ISD technology department.

    Technology Services Mission:

    • Connect the Learner
    • Promote digital literacy
    • Level the playing field

    Technology Services Motto:

    • "Kids to educate and campuses to support"

    Crowley ISD’s Technology Services have made several improvements over the past few years. Our 1:1 student device initiative (nicknamed Phoenix Project) has evolved with our population and our educational needs.  Currently, all 7th Grade - 12th Grade students receive a windows platform laptop with Office 365 accounts.     This encompasses 7 campuses; 2 - High Schools, 2 - 9th Grade Campuses, 3 - Middle Schools.   All other campuses have classroom sets of 15 iPads per class.  

    In addition, the Phoenix Project included a massive overhaul of our current networking infrastructure.  New switches and upgraded wireless access points were added to each campus and each classroom.   This addition allows our students to gain access to a filtered internet through their district issued device.    As a result, Crowley ISD now has AC band wireless networking throughout our campuses and non-instructional facilities. 

    Crowley ISD currently utilizes Black Board Learning Management system for teachers and students to extend their teaching and learning.    Blackboard LMS provides a foundation for competency based learning to our students that can increase the levels of engagement and save time.  Blackboard also provides connected grade books and assignments for the teachers, thus allowing them to spend more time on teaching and lesson planning. 

    Teacher training is a very high priority for our district.  Working with our Professional Development and Curriculum Instruction departments, a detail and comprehensive job embedded training plan was developed to assist our teachers with the integration of technology.   Crowley ISD has developed a "Learning Level Badge"  training plan to meet the teachers where there current level of technology exists and provide support while expanding their integration skills or giving them the "Minimum Educator Technology Proficiency".  This includes Microsoft Office 365,  Black Board LMS, Google, Apple, and Student Information System applications.   

    Scott Campbell
    ​Director of Technology

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    Cara Hyatt
    Coordinator of PEIMS and Information

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