• Crowley ISD welcomes volunteers who want to help make a positive impact in our schools. Parents, community members, and business partners play a vital role in our mission to help all students succeed in the global community.

    Please contact a campus principal to learn about volunteer opportunities available in each school.

    To ensure the safety of our students, a criminal background check is required before volunteers can serve in Crowley ISD schools. The District uses J.D. Palatine to conduct its criminal background checks. The company requires a Social Security Number and date of birth to conduct criminal history checks. Credit scores and credit reports are not obtained during the background check process, only criminal history.
    To be eligible to volunteer on any of the CISD campuses, this process must be completed only one time for each school year. Once approved, you will be added to the CISD Approved Volunteer List shared with all of our campuses. 


    Please follow these guidelines in order to process your application as quickly as possible

    · Nicknames should not be included in the application: example “Robert (Bob)”
    · Generation should not be included in the last name field; there is a field for Generation:  example in the last name field “Johnson, Jr.”
    · Maiden names should not to be included in the last name field with current last names:  example “Turner (Johnson)”
    · Date of birth and social security number are required fields.