School Start/End Times
     2019-20  Start/End Time
     Elementary  7:35-3:20
     Middle School  8:00-3:45
     High School  8:35-4:10
     Global Prep  8:35-4:10 
    Crowley Collegiate Academy   8:40-3:55

    Early Dismissal Dates
     Grades  Dates
     PreK-High School
     October 5
    December 21
    February 15
    May 24 
     High School (9th-12th grade only)
     December 20
    May 23 
    Early Dismissal Times
     Grade  Times
    7:35-10:30 (Pre-K3)
     Intermediate/Middle  8:05-12:05
     High School  8:40-12:40
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Will my child still be able to ride the bus home after school?
    Yes, the transportation schedule will be adjusted for all students who normally ride the bus.
    Will students be served lunch before early dismissal?
    Yes, lunch will be served for all students, except Pre-K3, prior to early dismissal.
    How will the Pre-Kindergarten Three-Year-Old schedule be adjusted?
    AM and PM students in Pre-K3 will both come in the morning at 7:35 a.m. and will be released at 10:30 a.m. PM Students who normally ride the afternoon bus will be allowed to ride the morning bus.
    Will students at the Crowley Learning Center be released early?
    Students at the Crowley Learning Center will have early dismissal on October 5, December 21, February 15 and May 24 and will be dismissed at 11:35 a.m. on those four days.