• Crowley ISD Board of Trustees 

  • Mission Statement
    Crowley ISD provides our students with excellence in education so that all students achieve their full potential.

    Vision Statement
    Crowley ISD will provide all students with a world-class, high-quality education where students are inspired to succeed in the global community.
    As we aim to maintain a high degree of trust between the Crowley ISD Board of Trustees, the administrative staff, the teaching staff and the community, these protocols can support our efforts to make children our top priority.

    Board Member Roles/Authority
    1. The Board sees itself primarily as a policy-setting body and delegates the administration of schools to the superintendent. In addition, the Board provides oversight and represents the desires/expectations of the stakeholders.

    2. The Board annually sets goals for the district, taking into account administrative recommendations and the expectations of the stakeholders. The district’s goals will become the basis of the goals of the superintendent and his/her administrative team.

    3. The Board is granted the legal and regulatory authority to establish policy for the school district and to provide oversight for the education of our children. Board members have authority only when acting as members of the Board at a duly convened open meeting. A majority vote of the Board is required for action. A Board member does not have the power to individually authorize action.

    4. The Board strives to reach decisions through the consensus process rather than simply by majority vote, whenever possible.

    5. Board decisions are binding on all Board members and members will support, not undermine, all decisions reached by the Board.

    6. The Board is responsible for formative and summative evaluations of the performance of the superintendent annually.

    7. The Board annually evaluates itself, reviews its protocols and holds itself to standards of best practice.

    8. The Board will strive to discourage anonymous complaints.

    9. An individual Board member has no authority to direct personnel.

    Board Priorities
    • We value high academic achievement.
    • All students can learn through a variety of instructional methods and opportunities that meet their individual needs.
    • Learning is enhanced through social interaction in a diverse setting.
    • We value a safe and secure learning environment.
    • We value a positive workplace in which each employee is appreciated and given opportunities for professional growth.
    • We respect and value the opinions of all students, employees and community members.
    • We encourage open, effective and timely communication with district stakeholders.
    • We support effective stewardship of public resources. 
    District and Campus Goal Areas 
    Goal 1: Improve Student Achievement for All
    Goal 2: Provide Safe, Secure, and Nurturing Schools
    Goal 3: Support Parent and Community Partnerships
    Goal 4: Provide a Quality Workforce in a Positive Work Environment
    Goal 5: Ensure Effective and Efficient Use of Resources