Counseling Services

    The primary responsibility of Crowley ISD Counselors is to partner with students, families; staff and community to help students fully develop academically, socially and emotionally while preparing them for college and career readiness.
    Crowley ISD Counselors will provide a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental environment to cultivate student success in the global community.
    1. All students have dignity and value, are uniquely capable, and deserve opportunities to reach maximum potential.
    2. Everything shared with the counselor or in the counseling office stays confidential (private), unless something that is shared is against the law, or could be harmful to oneself or someone else.
    3. The Counseling Department of Crowley ISD will foster the development of college and career readiness in all students.
    4. Crowley ISD Counselors provide consultation, counseling and referrals for students, staff and community to assist in overall social/emotional wellness.
    5. Data-driven guidance programs are meaningful, significant and promote student self-advocacy and personal awareness. 
    Contact Information
    Trina Harris 
    Phone: 817-297-5226