Early Childhood


    2019 Important Dates
    April 29 - May 13
    In-District Student Transfers (Pre-K through 12th Grade): Closed 

    April 29 - Open (Case-By-Case Criteria)
    Out-of-District Student Transfers (Pre-K through Kindergarten): Student Transfer Request Form

    July 22 - Aug. 2
    Pre-Kindergarten Student Enrollment

    Crowley ISD School Board Approves Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten

    The Crowley ISD School Board recently approved that the district will expand pre-kindergarten programming to any family that desires to enroll their 4-year-old child into school. Currently, only students who meet state eligibility for free pre-kindergarten are able to enroll. A sliding fee tuition scale will be used to provide equitable access to families of differing income levels, ranging from $200 to $400 per month. View tuition information at the following website: Tuition Information PDF.  

    More information about tuition-based pre-kindergarten will be available in July on the district's website.

    The district also will provide a full-day option for 3-year-old students at Bess Race and Oakmont elementary schools by offering the Bright Start Program. This would be an optional, curriculum-based program designed to compliment the traditional "half-day" school option for 3-year-old students at Bess Race and Oakmont. Should a parent desire to have their child in school for a full day, they could pay $50 per week for their to participate in the Bright Start Class.

    Early Head Start Program
    The Early Head Start Program at J.A. Hargrave Elementary which was formally named, The Early Head Start Collaboration and Family Center at J.A. Hargrave Elementary, will serve teen parents and income eligible staff and community members.

    • Website: What is Head Start/Early Head Start
    • Website: How to Apply (English)
    • Website: How to Apply (Spanish)

    Interested families may contact the Early Head Start office to get more information about enrollment opportunities. Please contact Sharon Craddock (Early Head Start Director) or Traci Ellis (Family Service Advocate) at 817-838-0055.

    Pre-Kindergarten Opportunities in Crowley ISD
    Students who are given the advantage of attending a Pre-Kindergarten program develop much needed emotional, academic and social skills they may otherwise lack when entering kindergarten. Young learners can gain confidence as they master academic concepts and learn to cooperate with their peers, helping them to be more successful in kindergarten and beyond.

    • Half-Day Pre-K3 for qualifying 3-year-olds at four campuses:

    • Bess Race Elementary School
    • Jackie Carden Elementary School -- Vietnamese bilingual only
    • Meadowcreek Elementary School*
    • Oakmont Elementary School
    • Parkway Elementary School

    • Full-Day Pre-K3 for qualifying 3-year-olds at two campuses via Head Start Pre-K Plus*:

    • Meadowcreek Elementary School
    • Parkway Elementary School

    • Full-Day Pre-K4 for qualifying 4-year-olds at 11 elementary campuses:

    • Bess Race Elementary School
    • Dallas Park Elementary School
    • David L. Walker Elementary School - Spanish bilingual only
    • Deer Creek Elementary School*
    • J.A. Hargrave Elementary School*
    • Jackie Carden Elementary School^
    • June W. Davis Elementary School
    • Meadowcreek Elementary School*
    • Oakmont Elementary School*
    • Parkway Elementary School*
    • Sidney H. Poynter Elementary School
    • Sycamore Elementary School*

    *Spanish bilinugual offered    ^Vietnamese bilinugual offered

    Note: Grade level is determined by the student’s age on September 1. Acceptance into Crowley ISD Pre-Kindergarten programs is based on a child meeting eligibility requirements required by Texas law


    STEP 1: Complete the Online Pre-Screening Process

    STEP 2: Attend the Crowley ISD Early Childhood Fair on April 6 and please bring the following original documents, as well as copies of the following documents, to finalize the registration process. 
    • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate 
    • Social Security Card
    • Immunization Records 
    • Proof of Residency 
    • Driver’s License of Enrolling Parent
    • Proof of Income
    • 2018 Tax Information

    If you cannot attend the Early Childhood Fair on April 6, you may contact your home school to schedule an appointment to deliver your documents.

    Questions? Contact Shawneequa Blount at shawneequa.blount@crowley.k12.tx.us or call 817-297-5286.

    Crowley ISD recently adopted a tuition structure to serve 4-year-old students that do not meet the state qualification for free prekindergarten. More information about tuition based pre-kindergarten will be made available in July of 2019.

    Currently, 3-year-old students must qualify for prekindergarten services in Crowley ISD by meeting one of the following federal guidelines:
    • Unable to speak and understand the English language
    • Educationally disadvantaged (eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program)
    • Homeless
    • Child of a member of the United States armed forces (active, deceased or injured)
    • Has ever been in state foster care
    • Child of a person eligible for the State of Texas Award as a police officer, firefighter or EMT.

    Bright From The Start