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    Crowley ISD is proud to celebrate 80 teachers who earned Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) designations as part of the district’s two phases of the program. Teachers can earn Recognized, Exemplary or Master-level designations based on student performance. Stipend pay ranges from around an extra $4,000 for Recognized teachers to about $17,000 for Master teachers. CISD is excited to have 14 Recognized teachers, 46 Exemplary teachers and 20 Master teachers.

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    Timeline of TIA phases

    Phase 1 included seven elementary schools, while Phase 2 expanded to include 15 elementary schools as well as four middle schools and two high schools. Phase 3 will include Montessori, CTE, Special Education and National Board Certification (N.B.C.) Cohort.


    Phase 1 was pre-kindergarten through fifth grade Reading and Math teachers and fifth grade Science teachers from the following campuses:

    •David L. Walker Elementary

    •J.A. Hargrave Elementary

    •Mary Harris Elementary

    •Meadowcreek Elementary

    •Sidney Poynter Elementary

    •S.H. Crowley Elementary

    •Sue Crouch Elementary



    The Texas Education Agency’s Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) program is dedicated to recruiting, supporting and retaining highly effective teachers in all schools, with particular emphasis on high-needs and rural schools.

    This program aligns with the district's Vision 2025 strategic plan, goal 3: Crowley ISD will empower all staff to provide a quality education for all students.

    The TIA provides funding for compensation to pay highly effective teachers whose students show measurable improvement in academic growth

    Collaboration and Input
    District leaders began investigating this program in 2020. A steering committee, consisting of teachers, campus leadership, and district leadership, came together to begin exploring the process for bringing the TIA to Crowley ISD.

    Crowley ISD also brought in a team of expert consultants from The Commit Partnership who have helped guide the process of implementing differentiated compensation models in other districts.

    During the planning phase, the district collected input from teachers and staff to help determine TIA grading rubrics, incentives and more.

    STAFF SURVEY (distributed by CISD): All staff were invited to take our TIA survey to help determine scoring rubrics and more. The survey was available March 31-April 6, 2021. Click HERE to view a summary of the results.

    TEACHER SURVEY (distributed by Texas Tech): All teachers will be invited to take a TIA survey distributed by Texas Teck to gauge understanding of the district's plan. Participation is voluntary. All responses will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law and reports will be presented in aggregate. If you decide to participate, please respond by May 14, 2021. For technical assistant or other questions about the survey, please email to TIA@ttu.edu.

    The “Big 3” Questions
    This input from teachers, the steering committee and subcommittees will be used to help Crowley ISD develop a plan to answer three big questions:

    1. Who can earn a designation?
    2. How will we designate?
    3. How and when will we compensate?

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