• TAFE Chapter Named One of the Best in the State for Sixth Consecutive Year

    Students in Crowley ISD’s chapter of the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) received some of the highest possible scores at the state competition, and their chapter was recognized as one of the best in the state.

    For the sixth consecutive year, CISD received the Outstanding TAFE Chapter award, an honor based on participation in, and
    documentation of, numerous activities, camps and community service events as well as letters of recommendation and other items. Chapters must score 500 or above out of a possible 525 points to receive the designation.

    “It is the highest honor given at state,” CISD TAFE Advisor Bobbette Vroon said. “We’re very involved. We participate in everything that’s offered.”

    TAFE advisors also voted the Crowley ISD chapter as “regional president school,” which means the Bill R. Johnson Career and Technology Education Center will host the TAFE regional competition for about 400 students from 20 to 25 schools near the end of 2016. The competition will include 29 events.

    It is exciting for the CTE Center to host the event and showcase what CISD has to offer, Ms. Vroon said.

    “Finally, everyone is going to see what we do,” she said, noting that other CTE programs of study, such as culinary and interior design, also will help with the event.

    TAFE students garnered top scores in many of the events they participated in at the state competition as well.

    In the Portfolio Presentation category, CISD students received perfect scores, a rarity in the competition, especially at the state level, Ms. Vroon said. The students received gold certificates, the highest possible recognition for that event.

    Blue ribbons were awarded to CISD students competing in the Bulletin Board and Project Visualize competitions. A blue ribbon, the highest award you can receive in those categories, were given to students scoring 90 or higher. Crowley ISD students scored a 100 on Bulletin Board and a 99 on Project Visualize.

    Ms. Vroon said she is proud of her students, who put in a lot of hours to perfect their work and presentation skills.

    “They just shine,” she said.

    Winning Crowley ISD TAFE students:

    ·       Ashley Kromann, Alyssa Mason and Nayeli Vallin – Professional Teaching Portfolio Presentation

    ·       MiAsia Bennett and Monica Kelley – Bulletin Board Presentation

    ·       Nayeli Vallin and Katherine Nelon – Project Visualize Presentation