• Crowley ISD Digital Learning Expo

    The 2022 Crowley ISD Digital Learning Expo will take place the week of Monday, May 16. Please click on the following videos below to view that day's specific episode. Videos will not be available prior to their specific day. Please note that if you have any questions about the videos below or can't view the videos, please contact Casey Smith at the following email address: casey.smith@crowley.k12.tx.us.

    This year’s CISD Digital Learning Expo theme, Tech Tok 2022, celebrates how students learn new skills digitally. These five projects consist of the student either teaching a skill through a video demonstration or showing their experience learning a skill from digital media video sources such as YouTube or Tik Tok.

    The Crowley ISD Digital Learning Expo is a part of the Superintendent’s Cup, a series of academic competitions where CISD campuses compete against each other in five different contests throughout the school year. The elementary and secondary campuses with the most points win the coveted Superintendent’s Cup to display on their campus for the next school year.

Digital Learning Expo Video Episodes

  • Monday - Episode One
  • Tuesday – Episode Two
  • Wednesday – Episode Three
  • Thursday – Episode Four
  • Friday – Episode Five