Employee Student Transfer Requests

  • Crowley ISD is accepting applications from employees for nonresident inter-district student transfers until June 30, 2017. All employees who do not live in the district and wish to transfer their child(ren) into CISD from another school district must apply by the deadline.

    Please use the following link to complete the transfer process (you may use an iPad/tablet, smart phone, or computer):

    Student Inter-District Transfer Request for Nonresident Employees

    For enrollment in the 2017-2018 school year, the deadline to submit your inter-district transfer request is Friday, June 30, 2017. All consideration will be given to your request. If the selected campus has reached or is approaching enrollment capacity, you will be contacted and other campus option(s) will be presented for your review and consideration.

    Upon approval of your request, School Leadership will mail/email notification of approval to you by July 21, 2017. The letter will inform you to take a copy of the approval notification with you when enrolling your child(ren) at the selected (approved) campus.

    Admissions to MyChoice Programs shall be by application and are not considered transfers. Requests for MyChoice Programs must be submitted as described in the online application process as outlined for each MyChoice Program. All deadlines and requirements for applications to each MyChoice Program are provided in the program guidelines.

    Please direct any questions to Dena Fenton, Department of School Leadership, (817-297-5269) or via email, dena.fenton@crowley.k12.tx.us.

    Information on student transfers between CISD schools (intra-district transfers) will be available at your child's campus.