Student Insurance (Voluntary/Optional)

  • This is optional accidental insurance coverage for students that Crowley ISD makes available at a reduced price through our relationship with our insurance carrier.  The premiums for this coverage are paid by the student’s family and there is no monetary contribution made by the district.

    K12 Accident Plans available include: 
    • At-School Accident Only
    • 24-Hour Accident Only
    • Extended Dental
    • Football 

    If you have questions, please call us at 1-866-409-5733. 

    Benefits Information Packet -- English (PDF)
    Benefits Information Packet -- Espanol (PDF) 

    Enrolling online is easy and takes only a few minutes at to

    1. Browse the available Rates.
    2. Pick your State -see if your School is available.
    3. Open New Account - Once you have determined your school is covered, you'll need to open a new account for this school year (you must create a new account each school year). Please remember your User ID and Password.
    4. Add Student & Coverage by clicking on the “Add Student” button on top of page. 
    (Continue to add each student by clicking on the “Add Student” button until all your students are added.) 
    5. Select “Checkout”.
    6. Select your payment type and click “Continue Checkout”.
    7. Enter billing information and click “Continue Checkout”.
    8. Click “Pay and View Receipt” to complete your order. 
    9. Save your receipt for future reference.